Queen Street & Park View Surgery

60 Queen Street, Normanton, West Yorkshire, WF6 2BU

Practice Charter

The practice is dedicated to achieve the health services which fully meet the requirements of our patients.

In Particular

  • You can expect to be greeted in a friendly and welcoming manner and treated with courtesy by everyone working in the practice.
  • You can expect clean, comfortable premises, with good access for the disabled and with play facilities for children.
  • You can expect confidentiality to be maintained at all times.
  • The doctors and nurses aim to see patients within 30 minutes of their appointment time, but where there is a delay you can expect to be told by the receptionist the reason for this.
  • You have a right to information and are encouraged to ask questions about your health.
  • We aim to give you a routine appointment within three working days with an unspecified doctor.
  • Requests for same day appointments or visits will be processed through the advice line to ensure that you are seen by the most appropriate healthcare professional accoring to your need.
  • You can expect to be offered appropriate advice about how to stay healthy and avoid illness.
  • You can expect to be informed of developments in the practice by means of leaflets available in the practice.
  • We take your comments, suggestions or complaints about our service seriously and you will receive a prompt reply to any items you raise with us.
  • You can expect your repeat prescriptions to be ready for collection 24 hours after calling the practice.
  • You can expect everyone in the practice to wear name badges

With these Rights come Responsibilities

  • When you have been given an appointment you are responsible for keeping it or giving adequate notice of cancellation, so that the appointment can be made available to someone else.
  • You have a responsibility not to delay other people from seeing the doctor or nurse by keeping your appointment time. Arriving five minutes before your appointment time is fine.
  • A doctor can see more patients in surgery than when out visiting. It is your responsibility to come to the surgery for appointments unless prevented by serious illness or housebound.
  • You have a responsibility to make more than one appointment if more than one member of your family needs to see the doctor when you come to the surgery. This will avoid unexpected delays for other patients.
  • You have a responsibility to be courteous and friendly to the doctors, nurses and reception staff.
  • Ultimately, you are responsible for your own health and should work with us to keep yourself healthy and avoid ill health.

Coronavirus Latest Updates

Do not visit Health Care First Surgeries!

As you know from the TV news, Coronavirus can spread very quickly through human contact.
GP surgeries, where there are Doctors and Nurses caring for sick people is a place where you could be at risk of being infected. We need to concentrate all our efforts on dealing with patients who need our help the most. Only come to the surgery, if one of our practice health team call you to arrange an appointment.

For your own health and safety, please avoid coming to our surgeries

Instead call us on 01977 664141 and a clinician will contact you.

Use NHS app or Systm online to order your prescriptions

For the latest advice and information about coronavirus, please visit: