Queen Street & Park View Surgery

60 Queen Street, Normanton, West Yorkshire, WF6 2BU

District Nurse

The District Nursing team work in the community, providing skilled nursing care and expert advice. Promoting quality of life and maximising independence, by producing a plan of care for patients who present with acute, chronic, disabling or life threatening illness. They act as key workers for patients, liaising and referring to other agencies. The District Nursing team can be contacted on: 01924 327591.

The District Nursing team comprises of a combination of the following:

Caseload Manage, District Nurses, Community Staff Nurses, Health care Support Workers.

The District nursing service is strictly for housebound patients. A home visit would be arranged at the nurses discretion. It may be appropriate for the nurse to make a referral to another service. Anyone who can attend the surgery should do so.

Services provided by the District Nurse include –

  • Wound Care
  • Bowel Care
  • Full Nursing Assessments

Coronavirus Latest Updates

Do not visit Health Care First Surgeries!

As you know from the TV news, Coronavirus can spread very quickly through human contact.
GP surgeries, where there are Doctors and Nurses caring for sick people is a place where you could be at risk of being infected. We need to concentrate all our efforts on dealing with patients who need our help the most. Only come to the surgery, if one of our practice health team call you to arrange an appointment.

For your own health and safety, please avoid coming to our surgeries

Instead call us on 01977 664141 and a clinician will contact you.

Use NHS app or Systm online to order your prescriptions

For the latest advice and information about coronavirus, please visit: